Re: Handheld analog scanner

Ken Hansen

+1 for buying the Whistler refurbished scanner - I bought the table-top version for around $50 and find it to be a great value. The Dallas PD & FD use analog FM, I'm near DFW & Love Field airports, and there are a ton of 2m & 440 Ham repeaters within 'Discone Range' so the little scanner has lots of things to capture.

The downside is manual programming, but honestly it is trivial to program, since all you do is enter the frequency, no tones, no talk groups, just the frequency.

I put each service on its own 'memory bank', and I can lock-out anything I'm not interested by simply pushing one button (ten banks, labeled 0-9, tied to the digits on the keypad).

I believe/expect the handheld scanner operates the same.

My scanner looked good as new, in a new box, full accessories. I know there are better scanners (I have a better scanner), but to listen in on FM or air band traffic, it's a great deal.

Hope that was helpful,


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You can always get one of these:

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