Re: Small tiny stub antennas and AM aircraft frequenci

Ken Hansen


To distill your question down to its basic elements, you have. Uniden 125 scanner, it ships with a short, general application antenna, and you are interested in airband activity. Your typical use is at the edge of the airport property, essentially line-of-sight to all the transmitting towers around the airport.

To answer your last question first, the included "short" antenna should be fine.

As for a "stubby" antenna, without a specific model to compare it to a "short" or "full-length" antenna, I think it would likely be OK, but not be as good a performer as the included "short" antenna, and since you already have the "short" antenna, why are you considering a "stubby" antenna? For convenience? If that is the case, I suspect a "stubby" antenna will perform adequately At the airport's edge, but be certain it at least covers bands close to those you are interested in (108-174 MHz). For RX, anything close is good - just be sure and avoid UHF-specific stubby Antenna's, they are designed for use around 450 MHz, thats too far from your frequencies of interest to be useful.

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On Jun 29, 2020, at 1:03 AM, Thomas Luce via <> wrote:

I'm strongly considering the Uniden 125 hand held scanner and the business frequencies I'm interested in is the airline frequencies for the terminals and other facilities at LAX, as listed in Radioreference, as they could be of interest from a observation park on the South side of the airport.
Plus, the normal Tower and Ground frequencies. The Uniden is great as for its size and if its best to use the rubber duck antenna in the box then so be it.
None of the frequencies I'm looking at are DMR or other exotic codes.

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