Re: FB or MO


To add to the GOOD info


FB2 generally a single user repeater, but may [YMMV] contain multiple PL/DPL tones

FB4 Community repeater – radio shop rents out, but makes each user license as well

FB6 Community repeater – users come, users go, no license info to search for other than the Radio Shop owner

FB8 usually reserved for a Community Trunked system – owned by one entity in the FCC [radio shop or Business or Government entity]


As to the OP’s original question to listen to the FB or MO – only you will learn which one to listen to.

A Duplex system you likely want to listen to both, but  a Semi-Duplex Repeater system, just rely on the FB2, FB4, FB6 or FB8 listing.


Now to add [depending where you are, and whose network] more confusion, you may want to listen to the FX1, FX2 remote RX/TX or control stations

Depending on how these are using, they could be a Mountain Top RX site




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FB is a fixed base transmitter (simplex).  FB2 is a fixed base repeater.

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