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Joe M.

I've been involved for that long as well and an FB4 *is* a
community repeater. If each user is licensed that is an FB2.

I think the coordinator was trying to get more money
from you or didn't know what they were talking about.

Joe M.

On 6/30/2020 2:50 PM, ~Bill wrote:
From having had to Freq Coordinate and FB4 in the past and my Coordinator telling me that each user would have to license and I did not want to pay for the extra $$ over-charges for an FB6
Now that said, my last coordination was in the early 80's so the FCC may have changed the rules, but that is the source as well as having watched many years of FCC grants.


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Can you provide the source for "FB4 Community repeater – radio shop rents out, but makes each user license as well"

According to the FCC, FB4 station class means the community repeater is licensed for multiple users under the one license. That is what makes it a "community repeater". Licensing of each user would be required under an FB2 station class, but not FB4 or above (FB6/FB7/FB8).

Joe M.

On 6/30/2020 12:04 PM, ~Bill wrote:
To add to the GOOD info

FB2 generally a single user repeater, but may [YMMV] contain multiple
PL/DPL tones

FB4 Community repeater – radio shop rents out, but makes each user
license as well

FB6 Community repeater – users come, users go, no license info to
search for other than the Radio Shop owner

FB8 usually reserved for a Community Trunked system – owned by one
entity in the FCC [radio shop or Business or Government entity]

As to the OP’s original question to listen to the FB or MO – only you
will learn which one to listen to.

A Duplex system you likely want to listen to both, buta Semi-Duplex
Repeater system, just rely on the FB2, FB4, FB6 or FB8 listing.

Now to add [depending where you are, and whose network] more
confusion, you may want to listen to the FX1, FX2 remote RX/TX or
control stations

Depending on how these are using, they could be a Mountain Top RX site

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FB is a fixed base transmitter (simplex). FB2 is a fixed base repeater.



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