Re: SBE Opti-Scan Programmable Cards?


Yes, there is squelch noise. The scan doesn't stop but the telescopic antenna is probably not enough to pick up the frequencies from the county south of me. I'm going to try a more substantial antenna later. The frequencies are the FD / EMT dispatch and the EMT-to-ER frequency of 155.34. I'll have to check the card reader lamp(s). One fellow made a .pdf of the card which he said to copy onto heavy stock paper (construction paper?). Use a black felt marker to blacken the back side of the card, then punch out the frequencies. One fellow did mention that a big problem he had was finding a hole punch deep enough to reach the middle of the card. I have an original manual. This looks maybe like a winter project. I got the schematic from with parts list and PCB layout drawings. I'm trying to make sense out of it..hi..hi. Thanks for the pointers.

Gary - W6GVS

At 08:41 PM 7/31/2020, you wrote:
A few possibilities:

1. The RX is blown (toss it).

2. The lamp is burned out (fix if it's cheap) / (This is the lamp that shines on the card I'm talking about)

3. If you get it working, cards have been NLA since the 80's (maybe 70's). Get a QSL card and mark the back as the OEM card is divided. Then either use a hole punch or but out squares that match the frequency. The manual should still be available to show the binary code.

The card trick is what I did until mine finally went kaput. It wasn't worth replacing when you can get keyboard programmable scanners a third the size with 20 times the channels.

Any squelch noise? Does the scan stop at all?

One thing I really liked about those are the amber lights. It was a nice change from the typical red LEDs.

Joe M.

On 7/31/2020 5:08 PM, Gary wrote:
I recently acquired a 70s SBE Opti-Scan scanner. More for curiosity
than functionality. It came with a card in it that actually has two or
three frequencies that are used to this day. However they are for a
county south of me. The scanner appears to work okay but so far I
haven't gotten any "hits". Is there anyone out there in scannerland who
have some of these programmable cards?

Gary - W6GVS
Dowagiac, MI

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