Re: SBE Opti-Scan Programmable Cards?


Thanks. I've e-mailed them to see if they still have them.


At 08:47 PM 7/31/2020, you wrote:
Here is a possible source of cards.

On 7/31/2020 7:41 PM, Joe M. wrote:
A few possibilities:

1. The RX is blown (toss it).

2. The lamp is burned out (fix if it's cheap) / (This is the lamp that shines on the card I'm talking about)

3. If you get it working, cards have been NLA since the 80's (maybe 70's). Get a QSL card and mark the back as the OEM card is divided. Then either use a hole punch or but out squares that match the frequency. The manual should still be available to show the binary code.

The card trick is what I did until mine finally went kaput. It wasn't worth replacing when you can get keyboard programmable scanners a third the size with 20 times the channels.

Any squelch noise? Does the scan stop at all?

One thing I really liked about those are the amber lights. It was a nice change from the typical red LEDs.

Joe M.

On 7/31/2020 5:08 PM, Gary wrote:
I recently acquired a 70s SBE Opti-Scan scanner. More for curiosity
than functionality. It came with a card in it that actually has two or
three frequencies that are used to this day. However they are for a
county south of me. The scanner appears to work okay but so far I
haven't gotten any "hits". Is there anyone out there in scannerland who
have some of these programmable cards?

Gary - W6GVS
Dowagiac, MI



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