Re: Need advice: Audio splitter and the Uniden BC125AT

Joe M.

I see two images for "RT-66 audio splittter". One is a stereo connector (Bearcat warehouse) and one is a mono connector (Racing Electronics).

BCW doesn't say if the jacks are stereo or mono. I assume they are stereo but cannot guarantee that.

You need the one that is a stereo connection for the scanner. (the jack is stereo with mono audio)

I assume your earbuds are stereo which means the two jacks have to be stereo, too.

This looks like it will work:

Joe M.

On 8/7/2020 1:42 PM, Thomas Luce via wrote:
I need more advice folks. I bought a *Uniden BC125AT* along with a
*RT-66 audio splittter*. Upon first usage, without the audio splitter,
the connected earbud has outstanding audio reproduction in both ears.
Connecting the RT-66 audio splitter to the scanner and then the earbud,
the audio is reduced to the mostly the left ear only.
Connecting 2 ear buds to the audio splitter produces the same result:
left ear only audio.
The manual says the headphone jack is "(L-ch) 4mW nominal (32 ohm).
Can I get through Amazon or EBAY, a quality mono to stereo connector or
a quality audio splitter that will allow 2 people to plug into the
BC125AT and enjoy strong audio in both ears?
Thanks in advance for the help.



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