Re: Need advice: Audio splitter and the Uniden BC125AT

Kenny Murray

bring your scanner to a music store that sells audio accessories. musical instruments.

they have various adapters cables and accessories that you can try.

if they do not have it they can make it for about 10$

im thinking you need a 'quality' cable.

there are slight differences with the connectors and jacks

very slight but is causing the problem..

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On Friday, August 7, 2020, 2:43:05 PM ADT, Thomas Luce via <toml242001@...> wrote:

I need more advice folks. I bought a Uniden BC125AT along with a RT-66 audio splittter. Upon first usage, without the audio splitter, the connected earbud has outstanding audio reproduction in both ears.
Connecting the RT-66 audio splitter to the scanner and then the earbud, the audio is reduced to the mostly the left ear only.
Connecting 2 ear buds to the audio splitter produces the same result: left ear only audio.
The manual says the headphone jack is "(L-ch) 4mW nominal (32 ohm).
Can I get through Amazon or EBAY, a quality mono to stereo connector or a quality audio splitter that will allow 2 people to plug into the BC125AT and enjoy strong audio in both ears?
Thanks in advance for the help.

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