Re: Need advice

Scott, KB3JQQ

In addition to, there is also
I put one on my left monitor, and the other on the right monitor.
Sometimes, one will show a flight the other doesn't, especially
if it's a government type flight. Both show different information
on each flight. both show it's path taken so far. Put in the tower
frequency of the airport closest to you. Unless you're real close
to the tower, you won't hear it. You'll hear all the planes, however.

On 2020-08-25 23:49, Raymond Toth wrote:
Yes i do

Raymond have you any interest in listening to the airplanes flying over you going to O'hare or Midway airport? I enjoy listening to those in addtion to trains :-)
There are websites like where you can see them on a 'radar' like screen and match that to what you are hearing on the air band channels. If you want to see Chicago airports put ORD in the 'Jump To Airport' box on the screen.

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