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Mark Lewin

Almost all cases I read about (during the 436 "crisis") involved losing the clock setting whenever the unit was powered off.
Some took place within seconds while others took hours.  I have no info about this issue on the HP2 other than UPMan (may he RIP)
mentioning that the issue in the 436 was found to be in an area whose logic was shared with the HP2 and that it could become an issue with the HP2.  I don't recall any posts about anyone experiencing the issue on an HP2, but I will go back thru the group archives to check again.

I guess that means I should hijack my own thread and change the question.  Has anyone experienced the clock issue on a Home Patrol 2?  And has anyone experienced the clock issue on either the HP2 or BC436 where the clock settings disappeared, but only after a few hours of inactivity?

However, I'm still interested in hearing anyone's recent experience with returning units to Uniden recently for service.

On Sun, Sep 13, 2020 at 3:23 PM Joe M. <mch@...> wrote:
After 18 hours? When you have the issue, it will lose the settings
within seconds. I can't say you don't have it, but it's certainly not a
clear case of it.

Joe M.

On 9/13/2020 3:13 PM, Mark Lewin wrote:
> I was following the clock issue when it was a big issue with the BC436
> and UPMan mentioned that the problem not only affected the 436 but was
> potentially an issue with the HP (although it was not an issue for my
> unit until about March or April of this year).  Yes, I know about  the
> need to plug in and run the scanner for a period of time (I believe it
> was 55-60 consecutive hours) while plugged in, in order to recharge the
> built in clock battery.  I've done that but I still lose clock settings
> after about 18 hours.
> On Sun, Sep 13, 2020 at 3:03 PM Joe M. <mch@... <mailto:mch@...>>
> wrote:
>     I've only ever heard of a couple reports about the original issue on
>     this model. Are you sure it simply does not need charged (Run it for a
>     couple days)?
>     Joe M.

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