Re: Getting library updates into EZ Scan software for the PSR-800

Glenn Wright N1GAW

I'm a huge fan of the upgrade for the PSR-800, got mine on my PRO 668. Improved reception and battery life in addition to all the other perks. 

On Wed, Sep 16, 2020, 5:11 PM Jim Keller <jkeller@...> wrote:
Thanks Jan and Glenn.  I used Glenn's suggestion and just updated the database from the zip file on the Whistler site.  It worked well.  I'm thinking long term I may send the PSR-800 in to Whistler for the 1080 upgrade so I can convert over to the 1080 software plus get acquainted with DMR activity.  I've been considering a DMR handheld transceiver but wanted to know a little bit about the activity around here first.



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