FCC Updates Weekending 12/12/2020

Michael Martin

The latest FCC Updates have been posted to the website - FCCUpdates.com.

Highlights of this week’s updates include:

California – San Diego County has added a standalone 800 MHz Phase II repeater frequency.
California – The Fire Services Training Institute has several new VHF P25 frequencies for Statewide coverage.
Florida – The Arena Horse Show of Ocala (Marion County) has a new UHF DMR TRS.
Georgia – Cobb County has added new 800 MHz Phase II frequencies to their sites in Bartow and Douglas Counties.
Indiana – The Indiana University Health (Monroe County) has a new UHF DMR TRS.
Kentucky – The London/Laurel County has a new UHF DMR TRS.  This has sites in both Clay and Laurel County.
Kentucky – The Kentucky Utilities Company has added many UHF DMR frequencies for Statewide usage.
Michigan – Van Buren County has added new VHF NFM frequencies for Fire & EMS.
Missouri – Iron County 911 has added new VHF NFM frequencies.
Missouri – Johnson County has added a single 800 MHz NFM repeater frequency.
Mississippi – Southwest Airlines has added several new UHF DMR frequencies at the Jackson Airport.
New Jersey – Vineland City (Cumberland County) has a new UHF NXDN TRS (possibly to replace their aging 800 MHz analog Smartnet system?)
New York – The New York City Transit Authority has added new 700 MHZ TETRA frequencies to their TRS. 
New York – New York City license WQNK406 (700 MHz P25 conventional) has renewed.  I can’t find anything about this, does anyone know who it belongs to?
Texas – The North East ISD (Bexar County) has a new UHF DMR TRS.

Don’t forget to monitor your local stores and malls during holiday shopping.  It could get interesting!

That’s it for this week!

Stay Safe Out There!




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