FCC Updates Weekending 12/19/2020

Michael Martin

The latest FCC Updates has been posted to the website - FCCUpdates.com.

Highlights from last week include:

Alabama – Tuscaloosa County School System has all new UHF DMR frequencies.
California – The State of California (Los Angeles County) has a new VHF-Lo NFM frequency.  (Looks to be in range of CHP?)
California – Pasadena (Los Angeles County) has a new UHF P25 TRS.
Idaho – The Boise School District (Ada County) has all new UHF NXDN frequencies.
Maryland – Charles County has applied to upgrade their existing 800 MHz NFM TRS to a 800 MHz Phase II TRS.
Montana – The Montana Highway Patrol has a new 800 MHz NFM TRS in Yellowstone County.  (MHP has traditional VHF P25 TRS)
North Carolina – The North Carolina Department of Corrections has added new VHF P25 TRS to several Counties.
New York – The New York Transit Authority has added additional 700 MHz TETRA TRS.
Ohio – The Greater Cleveland Transit Authority (Cuyahoga County) has new UHF NXDN frequencies.
Oklahoma – The Cherokee Nation has new VHF DMR TRS for the W.W. Hastings Hospital (Statewide).
Pennsylvania – The Monroe County Control Center has a new UHF P25 TRS system.
Texas – The Harland ISD (Bexar County) has a new 700 MHZ P25 TRS system.
Texas – The Cities of Cibolo and Seguin (Guadalupe County) each have a new 700 MHz Phase II system.  (Unknown if they will operate jointly)
Utah – The Utah Communications Authority has added a new 800 MHz NFM TRS in Daggett County.
West Virginia – The West Virginia Department of Emergency Management has a new UHF NFM TRS in Monongalia County.

That’s it for this week.  FCCUpdates wishes each and everyone of you a Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays!

Stay Safe Out There!




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