FCC Updates Weekending 12/26/2020

Michael Martin

The latest FCC Updates have been posted to the web - FCCUpdates.com.

The following are some of the highlights for the week:

California – San Bernardino County has added 2 new sites to it’s existing 800 MHz P25 TRS.
Colorado – Walsh Ambulance Service (Baca County) has a new UHF DMR repeater.
District of Columbia – The DC Office of Unified Communications has a new site to their 700 MHz P25 TRS.
Florida – Collier County has added a new site to their 800 MHz Phase II TRS.
Michigan – Mead & Johnson Company (Ottawa County) has a new UHF DMR TRS.
Pennsylvania – Delaware County has added new UHF DMR frequencies (This is odd since they are MED splinter channels and are traditionally NFM).
South Carolina – Motorola Systems has established 3 new UHF DMR TRS (Chester, Lancaster & Pickens Counties).

Thanks to a new software I added to my Excel program (KuTools), I have been able to streamline my data entry and shave off about 2.5 hours worth of work!

Hoping everyone had a joyous holiday season and I’ll see you next year!


Stay Safe Out There!!!