Back to RR freqs again.

Dave Jeffries AF0DJ

Out here East of the Rapid City area of So Dak (New Underwood) the RR that serves this area (RC&PE) still is unencrypted, analog, easily copy-able, and using and freqs.
Their comms usually quite boring to the average person I suppose but when we get a derailment or other accident it gets REALLY busy.

Especially when a couple of engines got dropped into a stream filed ravine a bit East of town - mostly upside down with crewmembers trapped in the cab of one. The accident scene was not very accessible by wheeled vehicles. ATVs and farm tractors got a real workout on that one. The problem was caused by a trestle over the ravine giving way. Luckily both crewmen were rescued from the engines down in the stream even though the water level in the stream WAS pretty high and caused a lot of concern.

Another time making things kind of exciting was when they dumped three loaded grain cars on their sides right across a downtown intersection (the only crossing in our town) on a connector road causing 30+ mile detours to a lot of trucking and ranch traffic between a Interstate 90 and a major highway leading Southeast. The location was pretty handy otherwise though. RIGHT outside one of the two bars in town. Had a great BIG audience and a lot of "sidewalk superintendents" until they get the intersection open again the following day. This was months ago and those cars are still on their sides, just drug out of the way and their running gear removed for further use somewhere I suppose.

Yep, then it's no so boring....grin.

Our little town usually gets two trains moving each way each day. Usually 4 power units pulling and one or two pushing due to the many curves in the road. Usually with belly dump cars hauling grain, cement, or bentonite, and a few cars of mixed freight (boxcars, flats, or open lumber cars). Often 50 -75 cars. And yes, due to that one crossing right downtown we get woke up twice each evening when they sound for it. But that's far better than having someone hit.

Dave J
Stay Safe. When you DO go out, Mask up to help protect the rest of us, THINK a lot about what you are doing, and Wash Hands often.