FCC Updates weekending 10/31/2020

Michael Martin

BOO!  Happy Halloween!

The latest FCC Updates have been posted to the website -

There was a LOT of data for the week.  Here are some highlights of what came in:

Arizona – City of Nogales (Santa Cruz Co.) has a new 800MHz Phase II system.
California – California State Forestry renewed a lot of VHF NFM licenses.  It is my understanding that those frequencies are also used by CalFire?
Florida – State of Florida has a new 800 MHz EDACS site in Clewiston (Hendry Co.).
Iowa – Tama County has a new UHF NFM frequency for Emergency Services paging.
Tennessee – Monroe County has a new 700 MHz Phase II system.
Tennessee – State of Tennessee renewed their license for “LETS 5”.  It says is an interop for UASI in 3 different locations.  Anyone know about this?
Texas – City of McAllen (Hidalgo Co.) has a new 800 MHz Phase II system.  Unknown if it will merge with others in the area.
Utah – Utah Communications Authority has a new 800 MHz NFM site in Kane County.
Washington – King County now officially licensed on the 800 MHz NFM Interop frequencies.
Washington – Washington State Department of Corrections has new 800 MHz NFM frequencies in Jefferson Co.

Interesting trivia about King County (Seattle) Washington:  In 2005 the State of Washington officially changed the name from King County to, get this, King County!

That’s it for this week.

Be Safe Out There!





Same thing, Cal Fire is Dept of Foresty. Used to be called CDF.