FCC Updates Weekending 11/14/2020

Michael Martin

The latest FCC Updates have been posted to the web -

The following are some of this week’s highlights:

Alabama – University of Alabama Huntsville (Madison County) has a new UHF DMR TRS.
California – San Bernardino County has a new 700 MHz P25 TRS site.
Florida – City of Maitland (Orange County) has a new 700 MHz Phase II system (Unknown if it will tie into Orange County system).
Michigan – The Detroit Pistons Basketball team (Wayne County) has new UHF DMR frequencies.
Montana – The Montana Highway Patrol has a new VHF P25 TRS site in Yellowstone County.
North Dakota – The ND Information Technology Department has a new 800 MHz Phase II site in Williams County (Unknown if this will tie into Statewide system)

That’s it for this week!

Stay Safe Out There!