FCC Updates Weekending 01/02/2021

Michael Martin

The latest FCC Updates have been posted to the web -

The following are some of the highlights for the week:

Alabama – Chambers County Sheriff’s Office Jail has a new UHF P25 repeater.
Colorado – ESPN (Pitkin County) has Temporary UHF NXDN frequencies for the Winter X Games.
Florida – The Alachua County Sheriff’s Office has several new 700 MHZ P25 TRS throughout several counties (Possibly to add to the GRUCom system?).
Florida – The National Football League (Hillsboro County) has 273 Temporary UHF DMR frequencies for the 2021 Super Bowl.
Florida – Radio Resources Inc. (Miami-Dade County) has 84 Temporary UHF DMR frequencies for the College Football Playoffs.
Massachusetts – The Commonwealth of Massachusetts has a new 800 MHz Phase II TRS in Essex County.

Mostly, it was a lot of renewals with Norfolk Southern Railroad in the lead.

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Thank you so much for doing this and have a Happy New Year.

Tom Stiles