Live Scanner Q&A Tonight

Phil - W2LIE

Hi Everyone
Take a small break from tonight’s election coverage and join me on YouTube where I’ll be answering Scanner Q&A at 9pm Eastern US time.

Replays will be available immediately following the Live Q&A Session if you happen to miss it.

I answer questions on the first Tuesday of every month on both YouTube and Facebook, as well as on my podcast, Scanner School.

This month on the podcast, I answer the following questions:
  • What are some troubleshooting tips to improve audio quality and overall reception on a Uniden scanner?
  • Can Unication G-series pagers support Motorola type 2 systems?
  • What can someone do or what antenna can they buy if the scanner app on their cell phone is picking up more than their actual scanner radio?
  • Is it worth putting a scanner in your car if most of what you scan is digital?
  • What SDR antenna would I recommend?
You can listen to this week’s podcast at

Hope to “see" you all tonight on YouTube for the Live Q&A.


Phil / w2lie
Host - Scanner School - A Podcast Dedicated to the Scanner Radio Hobby